Gate Care & Protection
PineT&G Gates & Panels
To enable us to produce gates as light as possible we use kiln dried pine Tongue & Groove timber, as such this timber can be prone to absorbing moisture which may cause the timber to swell. All products made from dried Pine must be sealed from the elements prior to being exposed to wet conditions. We recommend Aqualin stains or Cabots oils and stain. If painted please use a primer and undercoat followed by two finishing top coats.
Macrocarpa T&G Gates & Panels
Macrocarpa is a semi-hard wood and can stand more general abuse compared to softer timber such as Pine. The Macrocarpa Tongue & Groove is aged and air dried. Unlike Pine, Macrocarpa is more likely to shrink a little in high tempitures. To help prevent shrinkage it is important to seal this timber with stain or oil. If any shrinkage or T&G seperation occures then a further coat may be required. We recommend Aqualin stains or Cabots oils and stain.
  Other Gates Styles
For all other gates including: Farm Style, Picket, Hit and Miss, Trellis, Paling, Signature, Open Slat and our budget "Z" braced gates, allow a few fine days for the timber to dry and season then stain, oil or paint. While these types of gates do not need to be stained, any treatment will protect the timber from UV damage and also locks in the natural saps and oils to prolong the life of the product.