Taking Care  of your Planter Box and Raised Garden beds

Eco Friendly: All Planters produced by Canterbury Trellis are Eco-Friendly and made from New Zealand sustainable and renewable resource timbers. We do not use chemically treated timbers such as Pine in our planters and beds. These treatments are called CCA preservatives which contain the following poisons and cancer forming carcinogens: Copper, Arsenic and Chromium. For this reason Canterbury Trellis advise that only untreated timber should be used for planters and beds that are used for the growing of foods.

 Timber Types

Oregon: This timber has a soft and hard grain running through it which makes it an affordable solution for the production of planters and beds. Having a hard grain aids in the longevity of the product where the softness timers such as Pine rots at a much faster rate, this is why Pine requires chemical treatments to prevent rotting. 

Macrocarpa: This a semi hard wood that has a waxy sap that works well in rejecting moisture, a natural barrier that makes Macrocarpa a great timber for planters. All the timber we use is machine dressed to give smooth finish, this prevents splinters and also reduces the uptake of moisture into the timber unlike rough sawn timber where the fibers of the timber act like water straws.    

“Safe for you and your and your family ”
There are several things that you can do to aid the longevity of your planter or raised garden bed:
Treat your planter to a liberal coating of Boiled Linseed oil, both inside and out. The oil will lock in the natural sap and locks out water. This treatment is 100% natural and not only preserves your planter but will also make it look good, turning the timber a rich gold colour and protecting it from the sun.
Stain or paint the outside of your planter. Please do not stain or paint the inside of the planter unless you are using eco-friendly paints or oils.
Or you can use a non-toxic plastic liner on the inside of the planter if you wish.
 Basic Care
Place your planter in the position that it will remain in.
Do not lift your planter using the lip.
Do not attempt to move your planter after it has been filled with soil or bedding mix.
Do not drag your planter box as this may damage the legs or base.