Superior Trellis
Canterbury Trellis is the only trellis manufacturer to use a thicker grade of batten & framing timbers in our trellis products, because of this and our production methods you can be assured that trellis purchased from Canterbury Trellis will not fall apart and is more resistant to abuse and general wear & tear.

We offer a range of different faming options depending on the size and use of the trellis. Custom panels are no problem for our team and the inclusion of angles, cut outs and steps means our panels can be made to fit those difficult corners and spaces with ease.

Also available is our eco-friendly option of Macrocarpa trellis, this trellis and framing is chemical free and being a hardwood will last just a long as treated pine.
  Superior Planter Boxes
With a focus on eco friendly timbers we produce high quality planter boxes and raised garden beds that can be custom sized to suit your needs.

Using only locally sourced sustainable timbers, Oregon (Douglas Fir) and Macrocarpa, we offer a range of styles and options along with a bespoke service.

All of our planters and raised garden beds are produced in dressed timbers and we can advise which option is best suited to your needs.

From patio planters for floral displays to thick and chunky style raised garden beds for a bountiful crop of home grown vegetables, we have something to suit every purpose.
  Framing Options
Premium Framing
70mm x 45mm
Used for larger trellis panels above 1800mm wide. Also used for fence panels and gates.
Standard Framing
70mm x 35mm
Generally used for smaller trellis panels less than
1800mm wide.
Micro Capping (Pine only)
45mm x 35mm
Used for smaller panels
non-structural and not recommended for fencing.
  Premade Fencing & Gate Options
An increasing range of framed and unframed fencing panels and gates are available which can be customised in both style and size.
Offering options that suit both your budget and style utilising quality timbers, our panels are easy to install & compliment your property with contemporary and traditional designs.
Bespoke designs also welcome so if we don't have a stock product to suit we can work with you to create that something special. Built to last and look great.
  Trellis Batten
Canterbury Trellis prides itself on using high quality batten  in the manufacture of our trellis products. We produce in knot free H3 Treated Pine clears and first grade Macrocarpa, both are substantially thicker than other manufacturers ours being 38mm x 12mm gauge.

Commonly bulk manufacturers and retail suppliers produce and sell in 8mm or even 6mm thick batten which is often as narrow as 25mm with knots and blemishes present throughout the panel.

We pride ourselves on our quality control in timber selection and only manufacture with the best products.
Our BattenOther suppliers Batten
38mm x 12mm35mm x 8mm
  Bespoke Orders
Have an existing product altered to suit your needs or we can help create your own unique item. 
Working with your architect or designer or from your own drawings/photos, our team can turn your vison into a reality. From custom court- yard planters and seating to hospitality booths and tables, we utilise a variety of timbers to create an item uniquely yours.
From small items for retail displays through to boardwalks and bridges.
Nothing is too large or too small.

  Trellis Made To Last
•  Thick 12mm Batten
•  Thicker Framing Timber
•  Double Stapled
•  22mm Diversion Point Staples
•  75mm Locking Screws
•  45 Degree Corner Cuts
•  Custom made to required sizes
•  New Zealand Owned
•  New Zealand Renewable Timbers